Nicholas’ Eagle Scout Court of Honor Celebration

It finally happened! Nicholas became an Eagle Scout and we had his Court of Honor and celebration! According to him, I’ve been planning it all my life… and he’s sort of right. It’s my own Eagle Project, according to him.

These are the table centerpieces. I made labels for oversized cans (they are called number 5 and number 10 cans that institutions like schools use). You can probably get them at warehouse stores like Costco or Sam’s. But you’d have to eat a lot of food to empty them. Ask your school. They may save them for you! I filled the large one with 9 red roses (from Costco) and birch branches that I bought online through Ebay for next to nothing. They are nice and twisted. The mason jar with the white flowers were spray painted with “looking glass” paint by Krylon to achieve the “mercury glass” look. The clear mason jar with the “fireflies” in it is filled with fairy lights from Amazon that you can purchase right here: Nick’s Firefly Jar Lights They are meant for wedding centerpieces… but every mom who’s helped their Eagle celebrate knows that a Court of Honor is like a small wedding. For real. The lantern is an LED battery operated hurricane lamp with a dimmer switch. I found it on sale on Amazon here: Nick’s Nifty Red Lanterns Sadly, they are not on sale right now. But you never know. The “flag” linen is created by using a burgundy and navy blue table runner (from Tablecloths Factory) and silver pintuck chair ties (from LinenTablecloths). The black tablecloths are from the economy line at LinenTablecloths. It’s actually cheaper than buying them. They always have a sale going on at both of these places. I got the runners for 65 cents each and the tablecloths for less than $5.

This is the tablescape I put at the head of the food table. It contains the same design elements as the table centerpieces, but more of them… and a big flag (only $3 at Walmart). The large can is filled with birch branches, hydrangeas, and little flags. The tall red candles are from The Dollar Tree. The wooden stars I found at Target a couple of summers ago around the Fourth of July.







Below is his cake. It’s a two tiered red velvet cake with smooth buttercream icing and cream cheese between the layers.  I gave a photo to Laura, my local grocery store baker (she’s actually an Event Planner) and had her make it for me. The top is just an eagle statue that you can buy online at Amazon right here: The Eagle Statue on Nicholas’ Cake.

These are the cookies I ordered online through Rita’s Etsy shop called “A Custom Cookie.” You can order them customized from her Etsy Shop. She has these Eagle Scout symbol ones as well as adorable merit badges! I’m so glad I found her.

Every celebration needs a take-home table so that guests can leave with sweet treats as a reminder of the special day. Nick’s Court of Honor included s’mores trail mix packets, custom candy bars, and mini-s’mores kits. I made all the printables to put these together. You can find various customized designs like these items in my DigileachDesigns Etsy Shop.

Making the Most of Your Program Booklet

I’ve made over a thousand printables for Eagle Scouts and there is one thing for certain, there is no set formula for putting together a Court of Honor program booklet. I’ve seen some with just about everything about the Eagle Scout and his trail to Eagle. I’ve seen some that contained nothing but poems. I think the only thing that is a given is the cover panel with at least the Eagle Scout’s name and date on it. Some people add the city and state the ceremony will be held. And others include almost all the information that would be found on the invitation (date, time, location, street address, city, and state). Some include a photograph. To make the most of your booklet, tie the inside panels together with the outside cover panels by using the same color, fonts (or ones very similar to them), and graphical elements. You can do this even if you are making the booklet yourself or using a store bought cover and creating the text for the insides yourself. If there are stars on the cover, try to use a star here or there on the inside. If there are stripes, incorporate stripes and so on. This will help your booklet more complete instead of an inside section and outside section completely separate from each other.

Here is a listing of some of the wonderful things some of my customers have included in their booklets. It might spark some ideas for yours!

  • Rundown of order of events for the ceremony and who will be performing each task
  • Eagle Scout’s biography (positions held, camps attended, conferences attended, Order of the Arrow involvement, and favorite activities). This is usually in paragraph form, but sometimes it is a list
  • Merit Badges earned (some people just put a number, others include the listing of all that have been achieved)
  • Eagle Scout project description
  • Photos of the Eagle Scout, of him as a Cub, or the Eagle project (or any combination of them)
  • Special thank you note to those who have supported your Scout on his trail to Eagle or helped with his Eagle project
  • Special message from the Eagle Scout
  • List of ranks with dates achieved
  • Scout Law and Scout Oath (this is usually put on the back cover panel, but not always)
  • Poems are popular. The most common are “Eagle Scout’s Prayer,” “It’s Just and Pin,” and “The Eagle Scout
  • Quotes
  • Blank pages. You don’t have to fill up every panel with information. It’s okay to leave blanks

Most booklets are four panels. Some are eight depending on the amount of content. I have a number of program booklet designs in my Etsy shop. Some people have me print the front and back cover panels and they type up all the information for the inside panels and do that themselves. Others send me all the information and I design the inside panels to coordinate with the outside ones, then email them the file for them to print all their copies. I do not include samples of the inside panels in my Etsy shop simply because everyone’s booklet will look different. Even when using the same cover, two booklets will be different depending on how the coordinating graphic elements will be used. I’ve provided a glimpse here though so that you can see the value of integrating the design style of the outside cover panels with the inside ones.




Sweets and Treats

A nice and simple gesture of thanks for those who played an important role in your Scout’s trail to Eagle is with customized sweets and treats. Personalized candy bars for key adults, and personalized treat bags filled with trail mix or little candies for guests are a nice alternative to the traditional thank you card or other token of appreciation. Customized digital files for printing candy wrappers and treat bag toppers can be found in my Etsy shop at . Simply make the purchase online and include your Scout’s name and date of his Court of Honor in the “comments to seller” section. After I customize the file, it will be emailed to you. You can then print off as many copies as you like either on your home computer or at your favorite print shop, such as Office Depot or Staples. Two full size candy bar wrappers or treat bag toppers can fit on one sheet of standard 8 1/2 x 11 paper. These two items can be printed on regular printing paper if needed. However, the better the quality of paper you use, the better the final results will be. I highly recommend using “brochure/presentation” paper for these projects. It has a heavier weight and holds the color nicely. For the small candy wrappers designed to cover Hershey Nuggets, you will need sheets of 1 inch x 2 5/8 inch address labels. Look for the ones which hold 30 stickers per sheet (3 columns of 10). Avery (5630 or 8660) makes these in a number of finishes. But honestly, I always use the Office Depot brand. The results are just as nice and it is less expensive.

    1. Print your file onto sheets of address labels.
    2. Carefully position the center of the address label onto the top of the nugget (you’ll leave the original wrapper on the candy).
    3. Fold over each end and there you have it! Super simple, but super cute.

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    1. Print your file onto high quality paper.
    2. Cut out the wrappers following the edge lines as a guide.
    3. Flip your label over and lay your candy bar on top of the wrapper (leaving the original wrapper on the candy).
    4. Secure the label to the backside with a couple of pieces of clear non-shiny tape or a piece of double stick tape for a seamless look.
    5.Fold over the other end and secure it as well.

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    1. Print your file onto high quality paper.
    2. Cut out the treat bag toppers following the edge lines as a guide.
    3. Go ahead and fold the toppers in half so they are ready to attach to your bag.
    4. Fill a snack size zip locking bag with either trail mix or small candies of your choice. I like to use a combination of the Hershey Nugget chocolates (with custom labels) and Hershey Kisses.
    5. Position your topper so that the top of the bag butts up against the seam of your topper.
    6. Secure with a staple on each end on the bottom edge of the topper.

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