Taking Your Own Photos for Invitations

If you don’t have your Eagle Scout’s portrait made professionally, you can create a keepsake of your own by taking the photograph yourself to include on your Court of Honor invitation. Perhaps you even have a friend who loves photography that might really enjoy taking the photographs for you. First of all, make sure your camera is on the setting that allows you to take a photo in the highest resolution possible. Find your location. Seek natural light if possible. This could be any place (indoors or out) meaningful to your Scout. Consider using the troop’s flag as a background if you take a photo in the Scout hut or meeting facility. Maybe you would like to take the photos with your Scout’s Eagle Project, or at a favorite setting outdoors. Be sure to take several shots. Probably even more than you think you need. Try different angles, poses, and camera positions. Take some close up shots as well as full body shots. You might even want to have your Scout standing, sitting, and kneeling. Make sure you have some photos taken horizontally as well as vertically. Leave plenty of spacing around your subject to allow for cropping in the design process.

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