Sweets and Treats

A nice and simple gesture of thanks for those who played an important role in your Scout’s trail to Eagle is with customized sweets and treats. Personalized candy bars for key adults, and personalized treat bags filled with trail mix or little candies for guests are a nice alternative to the traditional thank you card or other token of appreciation. Customized digital files for printing candy wrappers and treat bag toppers can be found in my Etsy shop at www.digileachdesigns.etsy.com . Simply make the purchase online and include your Scout’s name and date of his Court of Honor in the “comments to seller” section. After I customize the file, it will be emailed to you. You can then print off as many copies as you like either on your home computer or at your favorite print shop, such as Office Depot or Staples. Two full size candy bar wrappers or treat bag toppers can fit on one sheet of standard 8 1/2 x 11 paper. These two items can be printed on regular printing paper if needed. However, the better the quality of paper you use, the better the final results will be. I highly recommend using “brochure/presentation” paper for these projects. It has a heavier weight and holds the color nicely. For the small candy wrappers designed to cover Hershey Nuggets, you will need sheets of 1 inch x 2 5/8 inch address labels. Look for the ones which hold 30 stickers per sheet (3 columns of 10). Avery (5630 or 8660) makes these in a number of finishes. But honestly, I always use the Office Depot brand. The results are just as nice and it is less expensive.

    1. Print your file onto sheets of address labels.
    2. Carefully position the center of the address label onto the top of the nugget (you’ll leave the original wrapper on the candy).
    3. Fold over each end and there you have it! Super simple, but super cute.

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    1. Print your file onto high quality paper.
    2. Cut out the wrappers following the edge lines as a guide.
    3. Flip your label over and lay your candy bar on top of the wrapper (leaving the original wrapper on the candy).
    4. Secure the label to the backside with a couple of pieces of clear non-shiny tape or a piece of double stick tape for a seamless look.
    5.Fold over the other end and secure it as well.

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    1. Print your file onto high quality paper.
    2. Cut out the treat bag toppers following the edge lines as a guide.
    3. Go ahead and fold the toppers in half so they are ready to attach to your bag.
    4. Fill a snack size zip locking bag with either trail mix or small candies of your choice. I like to use a combination of the Hershey Nugget chocolates (with custom labels) and Hershey Kisses.
    5. Position your topper so that the top of the bag butts up against the seam of your topper.
    6. Secure with a staple on each end on the bottom edge of the topper.

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