Setting the Tables

You can get disposable tablecloths and napkins (and even plates) from a number of places in order to make your Court of Honor extra special. The local dollar store (we use The Dollar Tree), Walmart, Target, Hobby Lobby, Party City as well as many other stores carry the rectangular tablecloths in standard colors, in addition to plates, napkins and cutlery. Hobby Lobby and Walmart carry some round tablecloths as well. If you are looking for something a little different, the best place I have found online is at They carry round and rectangular covers as well as rolls of disposable covers in about 30 different colors. Ones I would most likely use for a Scouting event are the red, brick, navy blue, ivory, white, silver, hunter green, sage green and gold. They also sell napkins, cutlery, and placemats, all at relatively inexpensive prices. In the Memorial Day and Fourth of July section are a great variety of flag inspired patriotic disposables. Of course there are other places online, but this is the site that has been most useful for me so far.

Is it a smaller more personal, yet formal event? I found that it is cheaper to buy nice linens instead of renting them. Renting costs around $11.00 each tablecloth. You can purchase them from for $5.00. I’ve purchased both black and white in rounds and rectangles, and use runners as my accent colors. You can get them online from the same place for around $2.00. However, I got a whole set of red runners from The Dollar Tree at Christmas time for guess what? One dollar each!